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Life in Costa Rica


Costa Rica offers world’s best holiday 
experience says global tourism survey
UK scores joint 10
th as a country people would recommend for a holiday
London 9
th June 2014: A survey among 23,000 holidaymakers in 26 countries worldwide 
has named Costa Rica as the destination most would recommend for a holiday based on 
personal experience. The UK came joint 10th in a league table of 65 countries. The three 
destinations with the lowest level of enthusiasm among those who had experienced the 
country within the past 12 months were: Tunisia, Indonesia and China. 
The Global Tourism Monitor Survey asked holidaymakers to identify countries they had 
visited in the past 12 months and the likelihood of recommending the destination based on 
personal experience. Using a scoring system that subtracts the proportion of detractors from 
promoters to produce a Net Promoter Score* , the survey found the destinations with the 
best and worst appeal were as follows:
TOP 10
1. Costa Rica 63
2. Austria 58
3. Israel 58
4. New Zealand 57
5. Italy 56
6. Japan 56
7. Croatia 54
8. USA 54
9. Norway 53
10. Canada 52
10. Greece 52
10. UK 52
56. Bulgaria 21
57. Russia 20
58. Albania 18
59. Cambodia 16
60. India 13
61. Ukraine 8
62. Malaysia 6
63. China 5
64. Indonesia 4
65. Tunisia -7Planning the next holiday
Europe is top of mind among holidaymakers worldwide planning their next holiday, the 
survey revealed. Around 43% of the 23,000 global respondents said they were ‘seriously 
considering’ a European destination, while 27% were looking at Asia Pacific destinations. A 
total of 11%, 6% and 4% were looking at North America, Latin America/Caribbean and 
Africa/Middle East.
When the survey zoomed in on European respondents only, it found that close to two thirds 
(62%) were planning holidays within Europe, while 30% had not yet planned their next 
holiday. Among holidaymakers living in Asia Pacific countries, 66% said their next main 
vacation would be within the same region while 23% planned to visit Europe.
Jon Young, Associate Director at BDRC Continental, said: “This study is one of the most 
broadly-based global assessments of recent tourism experiences and future intentions. It 
looks at destination appeal and the likelihood to recommend a country, based solely on 
personal experience in the last 12 months. It’s a credit to the UK that it has achieved a high 
joint 10th position in a league table of more than 70 countries, especially given the 
competition of countries with more favourable climates. Overseas visits rose to 32.8m in 
2013, up 5.6% on 2012 and the prominence of UK as a holiday destination is good news for 
our tourism sector and the overall economy.”
The Global Tourism Monitor also revealed strong intentions to choose a ‘staycation’. Within 
Europe, Hungary recorded the highest percentage of staycationers at 63%. In North 
America, 51% of US citizens said they were seriously planning a domestic holiday.
How do we make our holiday decisions?
The Global Tourism Monitor respondents were allowed to name more than one factor that 
affected their destination decisions. Recommendations from friends scored highest globally 
at 33%. Previous experience of the destination scored 30% while booking websites or media 
coverage scored just 13% each. Visitors also were influenced by travel agents (12%), 
advertising (12%) or travel providers such as airlines and hotel groups (8%). 
The survey also looked at advertising awareness among holidaymakers. The US enjoyed the 
highest advertising recall at 14% of the 23,000 people surveyed. Thailand scored 12% 
advertising recall while 11% could recall advertisements for French holidays. The countries 
most likely to have seen advertising featuring the UK were India, Brazil, Australia and 
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The Global Tourism Monitor Survey
The Global Tourism Monitor survey was conducted in Q1 2014 by Global Market Research, a leading 
international network of market research agencies. The survey comprised more than 23,000 
interviews among nationally representative samples in 26 countries.
 Europe: Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, 
Netherlands, Romania, Russia, UK, Ukraine
 Asia Pacific: Australia, India, China, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, 
 Americas: Brazil, Canada, Mexico, USA
The survey captured information regarding the following:
 Countries visited by respondents in the past 12 months;
 Respondents’ likelihood to recommend the destination (or destinations) they visited in the past 
12 months (using a Net Promoter Score);
 Which countries respondents seriously intended to visit on their next main holiday.
 Influences behind holiday decisions, including recommendations from friends, destination 
advertising, travel agents promoting packages, special offers from airlines or hotel groups, 
destination reviews in print or online travel publications.
 Consumer recall of destination advertising.
Full list of results
See the attached PDF for all results: from 1 thru’ 41.
*Net Promoter Score
 The survey measured destination appeal using a Net Promoter Score (NPS). Respondents 
first answered a question that asked them to award scores between 0 and 10, where 10 
means they would definitely recommend a destination and 0 means they would definitely not
recommend it. Subtracting the proportion of detractors of a destination from the proportion of 
promoters provides the NPS. Respondents were not allowed to rate their own country. 
Global Market Research Network
BDRC Continental is the UK member of the Global Market Research network.
About BDRC Continental
BDRC Continental is an award-winning insight agency. We help our clients get closer to their 
customers by translating data into actionable business intelligence. We do this through our range of 
market-leading insight tools, a dedicated suite of advanced analytics and over two decades of 
experience working with leading service sector brands across the globe.
Established in 1991, we have an unrivalled reputation as a full service research consultancy with 
specialist expertise across a number of sectors including hotels, meetings & hospitality, financial 
services, media & advertising, Government & not for profit, culture & leisure, tourism, travel & 
transport and sports & sponsorship. As well as undertaking bespoke research for a wide variety of 
clients, we conduct a number of syndicated studies and have developed proprietary techniques including Tracktion, Grapevine, Service Intensity, the Business Opinion Omnibus, SME Finance 
Monitor and ZMET Visionary Thinking.